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A healing pain relief gel like no other.

Derm Creations, LLC is a hometown success story. The story of the gel that takes oxygenation to a new level began in the small Pennsylvania town of Verona, near Pittsburgh.

An accomplished chemical engineer, Dr. C. E. Eckert has a history of many patents and innovations in metal treatment technologies. Dr. Eckert’s interests also extend to Aqueous Oxygen Systems and the benefits of the dermal absorption of oxygen.

Molecular oxygen is known to promote healing and contribute to muscle ache relief. With athletes using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help heal bruises and sprains, Dr. Eckert dedicated himself to developing a simple gel, abundantly rich in molecular oxygen, that anyone could apply to their skin to aid in pain relief and encourage healing.

Working in conjunction with Derm Creations, LLC, Dr. Eckert was able to formulate a gel with almost 5 times the oxygen level found in ordinary water, creating a stable oxygen suspension within a solution.

When rubbed in, the oxygenated gel offers a rich source of molecular oxygen for cellular and soft-tissue uptake.

Initially conceived as a skin-enhancing cosmetic, anecdotal evidence from O2 Derm™ users quickly began to mount. Testimonials not only confirmed that Dr. Eckert was on the right track, but helped to guide development of the O2 Derm™ product line.

  • Reports of pain relief led to the reformulation that is today’s O2 Derm™ Relief

  • Use of the gel to help with pet skin ailments resulted in our O2 Derm™ Pet

  • A focus on the cosmetic formulation for smoother skin led to O2 Derm™ Silk

New effects and uses continue to be reported. For example, people have found that rubbing O2 Derm™ gel on your hands before performing dirty or greasy work helps you clean up later with less scrubbing and use of soap!

You can learn more on our FAQs page, or Contact us today!

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