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Sore Muscles.

Aching Joints.



All you want is RELIEF.


Oxygen heals. Nitrous Oxide soothes.

O2 DERM RELIEF is the only product of its kind providing pure, bioavailable Oxygen and calming, analgesic Nitrous Oxide (yes, laughing gas!) in a topical gel. Ideal for muscle aches, soreness, stiffness, scrapes, itching, burns, and more. Deep-reaching and non-greasy. No dangerous chemicals. No “heating” or “freezing” tricks.

O2 Derm™ RELIEF is The Oxygen Solution®.

three images with text separated by dividing vertical lines. Left image hands massaging a back with text overlay: RELIEF is cutting-edge massage therapy in a bottle. Middle image: sunburst, with overlay text RELIEF soothes and rejuvenates sunburned skin. Great for right after a tanning session! 
Third image: closeup of dry, cracked human skin, with overlay text: Use RELIEF for abrasive-free exfoliation and restoration.

O2 Derm™ RELIEF is the Oxygen Solution® for:

Sunburn ♦ Rashes ♦ Psoriasis ♦ Eczema ♦ Blemishes ♦ Joint Pain ♦ Sore Muscles ♦ Strains ♦ Sprains ♦ Psoriatic Arthritis 

Burns ♦ Scar Reduction ♦ Abrasions ♦ Razor Burn ♦ Scrapes ♦ Poison Ivy ♦ Bed Sores ♦ Skin Ulcers ♦ Paper Cuts ♦ Shingles  Contact Dermatitis ♦ Itching ♦ Hives ♦ Callouses ♦ Tendonitis ♦ Plantar Fasciitis ♦ Post-surgery Incisions (once closed)

Bruises ♦ Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

…and any condition where oxygen can enhance the healing therapeutic process!

*Back pain, backache, deep muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness, shoulder pain and neck pain: degree of deep tissue penetration not necessarily determined but anecdotally people report the relief of deep tissue pain: tendonitis, muscular soreness, and other pain.

*Burns have been shown to downgrade by 1 value if applied within 10 minutes.

Directions for use:

As a general rule, apply O2 Derm RELIEF gel 3x daily until issue is resolved (or as needed). Use enough to cover the area – you cannot use too much. Unlike other topical gels, RELIEF has no restrictions regarding how much or how often it is applied.

These are general instructions developed from testing and feedback from both medical professionals and users. Experiences and levels of application may vary.


It should not be applied it to infected areas or if advised by your health care professional not to use topical gels and lotions until he or she has approved the ingredients.


As with any topical, you should avoid contact with the eyes. RELIEF is intended for external use only.

Deep pain

DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness, moderate to major joint pain, diabetic ulcers, bed sores, neuropathic pain

Apply enough to spread liberally (like icing on a cake)

Let sit for 7-10 minutes

Massage area until gel is totally absorbed

Sub-dermal pain

bruises, sore muscles, psoriatic arthritis, strains and sprains, minor arthritic and joint pain, shingles

circular green swirl as a bullet point
circular green swirl as a bullet point
circular green swirl as a bullet point

Apply 1 to 2 pumps (or more depending on area) and spread around

Let sit for a 3-5 minutes

Massage area until gel is gone

Surface Pain

burns, rashes, eczema, scarring, bites, stings, scrapes, sunburn

Apply ½ to 1 pump to affected area and massage until gel is gone

Repeat as often as desired

O2 Derm Relief healing gel logo
circular green swirl as a bullet point
circular green swirl as a bullet point
circular green swirl as a bullet point
circular green swirl as a bullet point
circular green swirl as a bullet point

Although O2 Derm™ RELIEF Healing Gel comes with a “best by” date, we have yet to see a bottle expire. This is the nature of the gel – the bubbles make it cloudy. If it’s cloudy, the oxygen and nitrous oxide are still viable and effective.

Rub it in gently for wounds and thoroughly for muscle and joint pain. The more severe the condition, the more you may need.

Video Demonstrations

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