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 Science of PET

 Science of RELIEF

 Science of SILK

Oxygen is Beneficial

  • Oxygen is critical for cellular growth, disinfection, tissue renewal, and promotion of collagen for healing.

  • Wounds need oxygen to heal properly, and exposing a wound to 100 percent oxygen can, in many cases, speed the healing process. Learn more at

  • “There appears to be a significant advantage to delivering oxygen topically in its dissolved rom, as it is biologically available immediately upon administration”. – Daniel Ladizinsky, MD and David Roe, PHD

  • Your body’s tissues need an adequate supply of oxygen to function. When tissue is injured, it requires even more oxygen to survive. Learn more at

Our gels expose the skin to levels of oxygen that otherwise would not be experienced outside of a hyperbaric chamber.


Seven Simple Ingredients, Nothing Artificial.

The goal of our 02 Derm™ products is to create intimate contact between your skin and the pure oxygen your tissues need to heal, revitalize, and repair.

Ours is a patented, scientific advance in formulation, production, and packaging. (U.S. Patent 7,288,574)

  • Distilled Water

  • Laponite® XLG* (a clear cosmetic clay)

  • Silicone (a special emulsified cosmetic blend to soften and lubricate – widely used in cosmetics)™

  • Epsom Salts (for magnesium)

  • Oxygen (pure oxygen)

  • Nitrous Oxide (natural analgesic)

  • TSPP (a food-grade compound used in marshmallows and toothpaste)

Simply rub O2 Derm™ products in and let them go to work.

Click to learn more about our ingredients.

*Laponite® is a registered trademark of BYK Additives Ltd.


Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide Work Together

In our Topical Healing Gels, Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide are dissolved in a solution. Additionally, both of these beneficial gases are contained in microbubbles within the gel. The gel is strong, keeping its shape so that the microbubbles don’t escape.

  • Oxygen is soothing, energizing, and healing.

  • Nitrous Oxide is a pain relieving topical analgesic.

  • Patients of chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists using O2 Derm™ Relief have reported significant pain relief, including joint relief. Our PET product is veterinarian recommended.

  • Unlike many menthol and alcohol based products, O2 Derm™ Relief does not trick the skin with a counterirritant. It’s both simple and effective.

Together, Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide may combat the effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).


Silicone Makes It Silky Smooth

Our special emulsified silicone makes our gel silky smooth. A thin layer of silicone may act as a two-way barrier to the loss of natural skin moisture. Studies have shown that silicone has helped to reduce scarring and is commonly used by plastic surgeons.


Three Specially Formulated Products

For more information on the history and science of O2 Derm Creations™ products, please Contact us.

Science behind Derm Creations products

O2 Derm SILK

Plastic surgeons like silicone because it facilitates production of collagen instead of scar tissue and facilitates healing.
The ingredients of O2 Derm™ SILK work together to provide a benefit greater than each could provide separately. When applied to the skin, the nitrous oxide may act as an analgesic to reduce pain and help clean the skin. The oxygen oxidizes and removes undesirable oils in the pores, filling the pores with oxygenated water. This results in an extremely clean skin surface.
The silicone then forms a protective barrier over the clean skin, and through capillary counter pressure keeps bad stuff from flowing back into the pores. It prevents the loss of natural skin moisture moving outward, while preventing the capture of dirt and grease by pores of the skin while it is ground inward.

Through this technology, your skin will be exposed to a level of oxygen previously not available anywhere for topical skin care.

Infographic about the uses of O2 Derm Silk for your daily skincare and beauty needs
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